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The 100 Challenge- [2] Favorite Female Characters

Raven Reyes


  • fandom please I implore you all to talk about Dean Thomas more
  • literally yelling for a red card during a Quidditch match
  • painting a potter for president banner for his friend HOW CUTE
  • offering to forge a signature so that same friend could go to the village with the rest of them
  • actually he paints banners supporting Harry on two separate occasions four years apart 
  • is it weirder that he keeps doing that or that Harry keeps getting himself into situations where he requires banners
  • good with a quill be still my beating heart the boy is an artist
  • literally not giving a single fuck that their teacher was a “dangerous half-breed” because he respected the hell out of him as a person and educator
  • and he grew up as a muggle so he had already been exposed to werewolf folklore and he had every excuse to be afraid or prejudiced and instead decided to judge him on a human level, even without the familiarity the trio etc. had to him
  • standing up for that same teacher time and time again
  • including to a ministry official who he just generally gave the sass to anyway
  • never losing his faith in Harry even when his very best friend in the whole world and approximately 89% of the wizarding community basically thought the bloke was a nutjob
  • convincing his best mate to join DA 
  • there was a fair bit of an anti-dean sentiment in HBP best to ignore that then
  • never having any animosity towards his friend for getting together with his ex-girlfriend so soon
  • completely supporting and defending Harry while on the run because OBVIOUSLY why stop now after seven years of doing literally that at every single opportunity
  • being completely bemused by but always kind towards Luna
  • helping to dig the grave on the beach
  • running out into the final battle without a fucking wand 
  • evidently winning one at some point
  • everything to do with him and Seamus however you want to view their relationship but frankly I could do a whole other post on that
  • also I met Alfie once and he was so pretty


grifter, hacker, hitter, thief //

stacker pentecost feels like an old man sometimes, the triplets and mako getting underfoot everywhere he turns. their base gets a little crowded, six of them all jostling for space and bandwidth, but when a job starts, he never doubts that he’s assembled the best team in the industry.

all of them can grift, but experience is a brutal teacher and no one thinks as fast on their feet as stacker does. acting as control tower and inside man isn’t always easy, but tendo can handle himself and keep the team in order when their leader goes offline. after all, he’s been in the business almost as long as stacker has.

sometimes one or two of the weis stick to him on a job. security for the wealthy businessman with interests in hong kong, or ambitious young CEOs making a splash in asian markets— stacker as their foothold into the west. they speak english, mandarin, cantonese and japanese fluently; enough korean to fool the vast majority of their marks.

twins, stacker will say. clever young men, tight with their money but generous when the offer is right. you know how quickly china’s been growing; the spirit of entrepreneurship is alive and well, you see.

whatever brothers aren’t stuck in the field with pentecost (sometimes it’s one of them, sometimes it’s all of them) back mako up.

not that she needs it. mako hasn’t met a building, an office, a museum, a bank, safe, vault or office that could keep her out. getting in is easy; getting out isn’t always as simple, but that’s when stacker lets the boys go wild. they get bored when things go according to plan anyway.

as for stacker— well, he considers himself a bit of a modern-day robin hood. they have one rule: kaiju targets only. the members of this particular criminal organization have bases everywhere from canberra to silicon valley, the company itself founded by some white guy with a little too much interest in old japanese monster movies.

but what it comes down to is that prime marks are are greedy, arrogant and rich— kaiju operatives fit the bill perfectly.


Based on The tiny book of tiny stories by Joseph Gordon-Levitt


Nicki Minaj speaking on why she hired Vlogger Beat Face Honey as her personal makeup artist

I know literally nothing about this woman or her music, but the more I see of her on my dash the more I respect the fuck out of her.


“I’m a naturally affectionate person with the people I love, but I think a friendly hug can sometimes be misconstrued. I don’t think all guys are comfortable showing affection in the U.K. I’m an Italian, and so have been brought up to give people two kisses when greeting them”